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Žinutė Autorius
  Standartinė   Parašytas: 2019-08-13, 08:49 
Kadangi gearbestas atsirenka ir publushina reviewsus tik jiems tinkancius, tai prisegu savo patirti:

- excellent value per quality of products.
- Dry cleaning is good (have 3 mods: low, mid, high) and collects a lot of dust.
- Don't miss a spot and cleans everything.

- Wet cleaning is average.
- App is poor.
- Can't set virtual walls.
- Map resets every time it starts cleaning. Also after cleaning, map shows wrong spot of my robot (when he is back at the station)
- If robot gets confused, he stops working and says "place me in an open area", then he starts cleaning everything again (even if he cleaned 90% of your place).
- going home function is not very clever. Robots just goes by edges to dock station.
- cant clean just the room you want.

So this is my first robot i bought. At first I was disappointed, cause he didn't wanted to work normally - in narrow corridor (1.4meter width) he got confused and just stopped working saying open me in open area. But somehow, later he started working normally.

It cleans my rooms (~40 square meters) in about 30mins and uses 20% of battery. This is in Auto mode which i use usually for cleaning my whole flat.

- Auto. This is the mode I use daily. Robot just goes kind of 'randomly' but also 'line by line' everywhere.
- Spot. Tried it once, but didn't noticed pros of this mode.
- Room. This mode is more for cleaning a single room i think. just leave it in a room ant it will clean it and also will do edge mode by running twice on edges.
- Edge. Runs on edges only.
- Recharge. Robots goes back to its dock station. Robot just goes by edges thought the rooms until he find a dock station nearby (like a meter away). So it can take like 5 minutes if he is at farthest room.

The dust tank is quite big and it lasts me for a week, and i use it every day.
Tried wet cleaning once, but it's not as effective as cleaning by my yourself.
Robot don't bump to the walls, just to the table legs or other smaller parts.

Remote control. Sometimes i control my robot with it, but you have to be near a robot ant point to it directly in order for it to work normally. And also it loses control many times: you press to go forward but after 1 meter it just stops.

App. I personally don't like it.

Overall, i think it's a good product for a price. But I wont buy it again - I would choose more clever robot (which don't have cons i wrote above).
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Užsiregistravo: 2019-07-11, 19:47
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